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At Kalachian Insurance Agency, We are committed to helping you protect your valuable assets. With a quick phone call, you can find a responsive, friendly, one-stop service that simplifies your personal and commercial insurance shopping experience. Call us now to see how quick, affordable, and easy to understand your insurance purchasing process can be.

Health Insurance

In light of the recent changes to health care laws, you need a professional to help you navigate health insurance policies. We know Health Insurance in California. We represent all major carriers and will be able to assist you in your search for the right plan and coverage for your budget.


Sources of your retirement income should be rock solid. Set up a dependable income stream no matter how long you live. Annuities are a great retirement-savings tool: Unlike an IRA or a 401(k), there are no limits to how much you can contribute; your investments grow tax-deferred; and you need not worry that your investment may suddenly drop in value.

Workers Compensation Insurance

It's critical for you, as an employer, to protect yourself and the company from employee accidents or illness on the job. Workers Compensation coverage is mandatory in the United States. If an employee is hurt on the job, s/he has the right to sue the employer if it does not carry this type of coverage.

Disability Insurance

Insure your most valuable asset: Your Income! You insure all your important assets: car, home, other personal belongings. You risk losing all of it due to disability. Families across America are realizing the need to protect their income and standard of living through disability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Physicians, attorneys, accountants, architects, and many other professional practitioners use professional liability insurance to protect them against claims of negligence by their clients. Most E&O policies will protect you against judgments, settlements and cost of defense but most important of all, give you peace of mind.

Commercial Truck Insurance

We work tirelessly to help you file the appropriate paperwork to ensure you're in compliance with laws of the land while offering the most competitive price at the right coverage for you. Pricing, of course, will depend on the regional coverage you request, your driving record, and your operation's history.

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