Impaired Life Annuity

An Impaired Life Annuity is built to offer higher annuity rates to individuals suffering from various medical conditions.

epending on the severity of the existing health conditions, the Impaired Life Annuity is often offered with improved terms as the medical diagnosis may indicate shorter life expectancy. To qualify, you may undergo medical underwriting to determine your qualifications.

To be considered for Impaired Life Annuity, you will be expected to provide your medical history and any prescription medication being taken. Since the benefits of higher rate of return is significant, we encourage that all individuals to take the time and provide the additional required information and apply for Impaired Life Annuity.

If you have had any problems with your health - not just serious conditions - we encourage you to ask us about Impaired Life Annuities. Even relatively minor conditions such as high blood pressure combined with asthma or high cholesterol will help you qualify. It is estimated that a third of all applicants could qualify for an Impaired Life Annuity based on their health, and who could get a better terms as a result. Unfortunately, many miss out because they do not think they qualify.

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