Lifetime Income Annuity

This is your chance to "buy your own pension." What do we mean by this at Kalachian Insurance Agency? In a world with fewer numbers of companies offering pension plans, good retirement plans, or generous 401(k) balances, a Lifetime Income Annuity will become the cornerstone of your retirement plan.

Lifetime Income Annuities guarantee you regular, consistent checks for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live. In a volatile financial world, you now can rely on fixed, guaranteed, monthly payments pre-specified by you.

Inflation protection can be an added feature to your annuity to protect you against gradual loss of value of the dollar. At Kalachian Insurance Agency, we also recommend adding a "period certain" feature to guarantee annuity payments to your heirs if you die before a specific cut-off date.

The risk that you will run out of funds during your retirement is very real. As medical technologies and treatments improve life expectancies, you will most likely outlive most current estimates. Meanwhile, corporations and the federal government are already or most likely in the near future curtail retirement programs.

As a result, Lifetime Income Annuity has become a necessity for those planning a comfortable retirement.

If you choose to contribute only 10-15% of your overall portfolio to an annuity, a "Longevity Annuity" would be the better option for you. As payouts start later in life, say in your late seventies or early eighties, the cost is often less to purchase. The overriding benefit of choosing a Longevity Annuity is that it frees you and your spouse to spend more freely in early retirement, without being concerned about later retirement years.

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