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Non-work related illness can bring financial disaster to any individual or family. Insurance can help protect you and your family from ruinous health related expenses and possible bankruptcy.

Individuals and families across America are facing different life situations that may leave them without a health plan. If you are not covered by an employer or if your employer's plan requires you to pay extremely high contributions, you should look to purchase a private health insurance policy.

The key factors you will need to pay special attention are 1) if you qualify, 2) is the coverage you seek affordable; and 3) what are the benefits you will receive.

At Kalachian Insurance Agency, we will help you explore each area in detail and answer all your questions. Whether you are a student or self employed or unemployed looking for less expensive alternatives to COBRA, you will find an extremely helpful specialist on the other line who finds the right solutions for your specific situation.

Call us now at 800-820-9707 to speak with a health insurance expert. S/he will shop the healthcare marketplace for the policy that's best suited for your needs and your budget. We do this so you don't have to scour through hundreds of combinations of plans, websites, coverages, costs, and benefits.

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