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We know Individual Health Insurance in California. We represent all major carriers and will be able to assist you in your search for the right plan and coverage for your budget. We know which plans work and which ones don't. Call us now at 1-800-820-9707 and speak with an Individual Health Insurance Expert.

Insurance purchased on your own is falls into Individual health insurance category. Those who are unemployed, self-employed or whose employer does not offer health insurance benefits will generally purchase individual health insurance policies.

Leaving your job will include letting go of one of the hardest and most valued benefits: your health insurance package. Once you're on your own -- whether you accept a position with a smaller employer that offers no health insurance policy, suddenly get laid off without a safety net or another job, or whether you're starting you small business -- the fact is the same: getting the right health insurance policy is often confusing and challenging. It is difficult to understand all the different variables, protect yourself against unwarranted surcharges, or getting the right benefits and options.

Insurance carriers will require that you submit detailed medical history. Certain pre-existing conditions, height and weight, smoking, certain plastic surgery, and many other factors could result in higher premiums. Please examine all your options carefully before declining COBRA or any other group health coverage and starting to shop for individual health insurance policies.

Contact our health insurance experts to help you shop among the half dozen insurance carriers and the hundreds of different plans and various options that accompany each policy. We will find the best match for your life stage, your preferences and health conditions. We will pinpoint the lowest monthly premium and the right plan for you. Our services are free to you, our customers.

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