Professional Liability Insurance

Physicians, attorneys, accountants, architects, and many other professional practitioners use professional liability insurance to protect them against claims of negligence by their clients. General liability insurance typically covers only property, advertising, personal or bodily injury claims.

Professional liability insurance is known under different names in different industries: for example, in reference to the medical field, it is called Medical Malpractice insurance; in reference to realtors, insurance agencies, travel, appraisers, and many other service or product related businesses, it's known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance.

Most Errors & Omissions policies will protect you against judgments, settlements and cost of defense but most important of all, give you peace of mind. Even if the allegations are found to be groundless, the cost to defend can bankrupt you, or have a lasting effect on your bottom line.

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Who needs professional liability coverage?

If you provide any type of service to your customers for a fee, you have an Errors & Omissions risk exposure. Consider what could happen if the service you or your staff provides is done incorrectly or you miss a deadline, and it costs your customer money or harms their reputation.

Partial list of professionals who need to protect themselves against this type of exposure:

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