Professional Liability Insurance - Anesthesiologists

There are absolutely no qualms as to whether or not professional medical liability insurance is a necessary function in your medical career. As an anesthesiologist, you must do all you can to protect yourself against malpractice lawsuits. Although most hospitals have their own liability insurance, extra precautions should be taken to protect your career. A hospital may decide to focus on their protection versus yours and you might be held accountable financially for an incident that occurs.

Anesthesia malpractice lawsuits can happen either before or during the surgery. A patient may feel that a mistake was made during the pre-procedure medical review or during the surgery itself. An anesthesiologist can be held accountable for not monitoring the level of anesthesia or its performance, not monitoring the patient during the surgery, or faulty preparation of the anesthesia. In addition, an anesthesiologist can be held accountable for not researching the patient’s medical history to make sure they have no medical allergies. The liability insurance would protect you from the aforementioned.

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