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Professional liability insurance (PLI) is available for attorneys in new firms, established firms, hard-to-place firms, moonlighting attorneys, and attorneys that were newly admitted to the bar. PLI is also available for lawyers in all areas of practice.

Lawsuits against attorneys can come about due to many reasons: errors and omissions and not being able to meet the expectations of your clients. Also, a client can sue to try to regain back some of their financial losses. Even if the lawsuit is based on groundless claims, having to set up a legal defense against allegations can interrupt the day-to-day functions of the firm. This would cause the firm to lose billable hours and would cause the firm substantial financial suffering. In today’s age, it can take just one lawsuit to bring down a firm.

Today, the occurrences of lawsuits against attorneys are increasing at an alarming rate and clients are coming up with new reasons to sue. This is why acquiring professional liability coverage is incredibly important good business practice.

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