Professional Liability Insurance - Dietitians

No matter how cautious you are as a dietitian, your job and the daily actions that it entails can be responsible for putting your career and monetary stability at risk. By purchasing professional liability insurance, you lessen your financial risk, as well as your career risks. Whether you are employed with a specific company, self-employed, work full or part-time acquiring your own professional liability insurance will aide you if the need defend yourself ever comes up.

The two most universal lawsuits that can be brought against you are, for carelessness in the performance of your duties and breach of contract. Lawsuits based on carelessness happen more frequently. A client may feel that you did not perform your duties to the best of your abilities and may feel they need monetary compensation because of it. The financial penalties of these types of lawsuits, which include cost of defense, can be harsh. Because of this, it is essential that professionals be aware of the monetary losses attributed and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

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