Professional Liability Insurance - Engineers & Architects

Being an engineer or an architect is incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately with it comes an equally incredible risk. That’s where liability insurance comes into play. While you are designing a project of any scale, PLI will help you stay covered, so that you can focus on your work instead of the risks involved.

Professional liability insurance covers you from any damages, like the danger of a sizeable financial award that you would have to pay in the event of legal action. It also protects you from legal expenses you would have to take on when having to defend yourself, even if the fault does not lie with you. In addition, PLI protects you from the potential, undesirable, outcome on your professional reputation ensuing from a claim.

You have labored a difficult road to get to where you are and with PLI you can rest assured that you will be covered and you can put your name on any project with confidence, having the knowledge that you and your interests will be safe.

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