Professional Liability Insurance - Nurses

The lessening of healthcare personnel is putting greater than before stress on nurses and more and more patients are requiring that they be compensated for the harm they feel was caused while under the care of nurses.

Many nurses decide to defend their assets and careers, only with the insurance coverage made available by their company. Although it is great to rely on your company's insurance, there are good reasons to have your own coverage. Insufficient employer-provided insurance can leave unforeseen expenses for you in the long run. If unfortunately your name comes up in a malpractice lawsuit and the cost of your legal defense or settlement or verdict goes beyond your company's insurance limits, you may be responsible for coming up with those funds.

Also, your company's policy will most likely not cover you for off-duty events, which could leave you liable. In addition, your company's insurance will most likely not cover you after a layoff or after you choose to change your job. Although, you might still be held responsible for an incident that happened while you were still at a past position. Furthermore, the insurance company of your employer's insurance company could actually turn around and sue you to compensate for damages if they think you were at all responsible.

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